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Reign belongs to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) -GLOBAL WEALTH INTHERNATIONAL LIMITED, headquartered in the Philippines makati financial center RCBC PLAZA building.


In order to reign in the reign of each player playing at ease, happy and comfortable, from the creation of the initial reign industry determined to build brand, so start to apply for a gaming license in the Philippines North Cagayan.
The choice platform, reign after careful investigation and ultimately determine the industry’s most credible third-party licensing agency PT platform. And a number of world-class gaming company while in use PT platform, opened in the same inning brand results are consistent.
Global Express has a large professional service team, and make unremitting efforts to excellent marketing personnel, customer service, technical support, etc., can provide customers with the most professional entertainment services.

Reign – sports betting, live casino, lottery or more

Entertainment reign excellent game online security products to ensure that all players enjoy first-class gaming experience and safety information is protected.

Responsible Gaming

We offer games only entertainment, gaming win or lose there, must be prepared to play is entertainment-oriented, more about the rules and provisions can click “here” to view.


Due to the confidentiality of your personal information is crucial degree. We will resolutely implement strict secrecy in order to ensure your personal privacy. Therefore, we use a solid, stable and secure security system.


Tongbao Casino – is real live online casino

About reign casinos offer many different venues and live casino platform, there are Live Baccarat, Mahjong, Pai Gow, roulette, blackjack and slot machines, etc., are your favorite popular Internet casino games.

Tong Bao Tiger game – hundreds of small game products and high jackpot

Classic slot machines such as eccentric monkey, magical slot machine jackpot, scratch, more Asian games, there must be a you like.

Tongbao lottery – high odds, high rebate

Hong Kong’s Mark Six lottery most classical high power play, any play do offer higher odds reign entertainment, reign, faster betting pattern, just go to the lottery game, starting immediately, and can enjoy the game.

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