Losing the 'Pro' from the P30 means you miss out on some Huawei goodies but save £200 ... Basil Kronftl takes it for an extended spin to see if he can get over his FOMO

Day 01

Janet Jackson, Dannii Minogue, Solange Knowles ... being a sibling to a superstar can be tough , even if you're a star in your own right. With Huawei 's shiny new P30 Pro garnering so much attention thanks to its 5x periscope zoom, who's talking about the basic P30? Well , we are - and not just because we have to, but because it's a cracking smartphone.

Differences between the two phones include design, camera, screen and RAM / battery configurations. In fact , about the only things that are the same are the Kirin 980 processor and Huawei 's EMUI9.1 interface.

Mind you, the two phones ' benchmarking scores are virtually identical , and they both have excellent battery life. So if you 're after something smaller than the P30 Pro that costs a bit less, and don't mind missing out on some of the thrills and frills , the P30 could be a contender.

With no curved screen , the P30 doesn't quite have the 'look at me' factor of some flags hips. Instead, it blends into the sea of droplet-notch phones. Turn it around , though, and it 's a totally different story thanks to Huawei's effervescent colours. Our 'aurora ' version starts out metallic turquoise at the top, then morphs into a regal blue.

As for the metal frame , it feels solid , with its curved sides sitting well in the hand. The right side has power and volume buttons, while the bottom features a mono speaker plus headphone and USB - C ports. What it lacks by comparison to much of the competition is full water - resistance, with a humble IP53 rating, for splashes only. As for the screen , it 's a 19.5 :9 OLEO panel with 2340x1080 resolution that measures in at 6.1in. That 's smaller than a lot of 2019 flag ships , as well as midrange phones such as Mota G7 Play and Honor 10 Lite.

It isn't as dazzling as the P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy 510 at max brightness, and the colour calibration is a smidgen too cool ... although Huawei offers a range of customisation option s, so you can make it look exactly how you want it to . There 's also an eye comfort mode, so you can filter out some of that blue light.

Day 03

11me to put these cameras to the test. The main rear cam has a 40MP sensor and an f / 1.8lens; the second (3x zoom) has 8MP resolution and an f /2.4 aperture; and finally there's a 16MP f / 2.2 ultra-wide option. All of these specs are slightly lower than what you get with the Pro , and this phone also lacks the 11me of Flight trickery that helps the Pro get more accurate depth information. But in side-by-side shooting the results are close, with the Pro edging ahead in low-light and telephoto shots. Pictures taken in good lighting on the P30 are absolutely stonking , with stacks of detail and solid dynamic range.

Day 08

I really can't fault this phone's general performance. Everything's been silky smooth, and games play back incredibly well thanks to that Kirin 980 with 6GB of RAM. EMU I feels more like iOS on an iPhone XS than stock Android, but there are still plenty of Google elements - such as a Google Assistant screen showing personal updates and news highlights.

Day 11

Huawei has become a bit of a battery champ of late, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the P30 lasts for ages- it's been giving me easily a day between charges with regular use. There's no wireless charging or ultra-fast tech- but the regular SuperCharge takes a little over an hour to do its thing from flat.

Day 14

The P30 feels great in the hand , costs less than a Pixel 3 or Galaxy 510, delivers a flagship experience ... and glistens like a unicorn if you go for the 'breathing crystal ' finish. If you can deal with no wireless charging and 'only' three cameras, there's every reason to consider it as your next smartphone.