1.HIT FACTORY Make it personal

When you first fire up You Tube Music, it 'll ask you to flag your favourite bands. Tap one and more appear, until your finger goes numb. It's worth the effort, though- this gives you a shortcut to getting decent recommendations.

Get endless sounds

Want infinite music you're probably going to like' Tap 'Your mix tape' and start listening . Don't like a track? Swipe left and tap Delete . When the app offers to take music offline, let it do so, and you'll have some great tunes when you lose connectivity.

2.KEEP IT LOCAL Download videos

The first time you tap the Download button, you'll be asked to select the download quality (360p or 720p). This can subsequently be adjusted in the app's settings.

Grab playlists

If you're an organised type and sort videos into play lists , you might have favourites stashed in the Library tab. Access a playlist and tap the download button to save the lot to your phone. Saved videos remain accessible as long as you go online every 30 days.

Stick to Wi-Fi

Downloading videos in error can chew through your data, and so you probably don 't want to do that. Again, venture into You Tube's settings. There you can turn on 'Download over Wi-Fi only ' to avoid scary data bills .

3.SPACE OUT Nuke your videos

Videos take up a lot of space. If you want to get rid of one - or a playlist -tap the relevant Download button in the YouTube app , and then Remove. Or get rid of them all at once by tapping ' Delete downloads' and Remove when in the app 's settings .

Prune your music

It 's unlikely you 'll fill your entire blower with music. Even so, you might fancy hacking your downloads back a bit. Access your account in the You Tube Music app , tap Downloads , and remove items via the option in its 'three dots' menu.