Sometimes, the best things in life are even better when they're not free ... Craig Grannell reveals how to enjoy all-you-can-eat music, video and original TV shows - with no annoying ads

THE BASICS Set things up

These days, every time you venture near You Tube it demands you buy You Tube Premium. Eventually, you 're going to give in, just to shut the thing up. Sign up in a browser or Android (not in the iOS app) , and it'll set you back f11.99 a month ... unless you're a student, in which case you're charged f6.99 but presumably get way more videos about instant noodles. Families? f17.99 for up to six, as long as they're all13+.

Press a button

On mobile, You Tube changes a bit once you go premium. The ads vanish- forever. Given that they take up half the screen in some cases, that's a good thing. You also get two large buttons towards the top of the screen: Originals takes you to Google 's own shows (which You Tube will auto-play trailers for) and Music opens the tune-playing app- because, yep, you get full-fat Google Music.

Watch shows

Tap Originals and You Tube suddenly becomes Netflix. A bit. Instead of your feeds and thumbnails, you see a huge banner, cycling between things You Tube wants you to watch. Scroll down to delve into dramas, documentaries, sci-fi shows and ... a series based on the Fruit Ninja game.

Go audio-only

The You Tube Music app is really You Tube Music With Unnecessary Added Videos. These don't only show up in the Hotlist tab, but also on some playlists. Not keen on video chewing through your data allowance? Flick the switch to go audio-only when one's playing.

Take a break

Tap on your face in the YouTube app to access settings. On Android, also head to General -now tap 'Remind me to take a break'. Set a duration, and the app will gently remind you if you fall into a video stupor.