When great white sharks attack their prey , they have a neat trick that protects their eyes from being damaged if their dinner thrashes around in a vain attempt to escape: they roll their pupils back in their heads .It seems someone at Oppo is a Jawsfan - because not only does the Reno 5G 's 16MP front-facing camera hide away inside the chassis when it 's not in use, but it automatically pops up on a fin-like protrusion when summoned for a selfie. That allows the 6.6in 2340x1080 AMOLED screen to dominate the front with no sign of a notch, plus there's a fingerprint sensor built -in. Round the back (see over the page) you get a triple snapper setup of 48MP + 8MP + 13MP, but the real headline-grabber there is its 10 x optical zoom. Inside, a Snapdragon 855 processor and up to 8GB of RAM should give the Reno real bite when you put it to the test, while the 4065mAh battery should keep it afloat for more than a day. With 5G capabilities onboard, it's also ready and waiting for the new super- fast mobile network that's due to be switched on in the UK later this year . Unlike a real shark, though, this one 's fin means it's not fully waterproof.

Little gulper

Think it's too early to be fussing about 5G? The Reno 10x Zoom is identical to this phone apart from one thing : there 's no 5G radio inside (just 4G), so it'll cost you €100 less.

Blue( tooth)

The hidden camera and 6.6in display give the Reno 5G an 93.1%screen-to-body ratio, but sadly there's still no room for a headphone port. Bluetooth cans it is for you , then.


The pop-up fin also holds the flash for the rear - facing cameras , plus it houses the speaker-though it doesn't need to pop up fort he latter to work, thankfully.

Smooth back angel

The Reno 5G comes in a choice of just two colours: ocean green and jet black. Still, both have eye-catching gradients that'll make them stand out in the pub.

Network wobbegong

The Reno 5G will be available on EE in the UK, which will launch its 5G network in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast Birmingham and Manchester.

Ninja lantern

Worried about your Reno 'doing a Samsung? Oppo says its fin can pop up and down 200,000 times, which equates to 1000 selfies a day for five years . You 're not that vain, are you ?

Narrowbar swell

Unlike a lot of phones , the cameras on the Reno 5G aren't raised , but it does have a tiny ceramic bump to stop the lenses making contact with scratchy tabletops .