Part sci-fi motorbike, part sportscar, all hooligan: the new Ryker is the most affordable and accessible toy in Can-Am's on-road range

• Though it 's not exactly common on UK roads, some may recognize the madcap three-wheeled 'Y architecture' of the Can-Am Ryker from its bigger sibling , the Spyder. Available with either 600cc or 900cc engine, this new, slimmer, more focused model is designed to provide similar thrills on a tighter budget.

• The powerful Rotax petrol engine is operated via a twist -and-go throttle system , while a foot -brake safely stops all three wheels. Go nuts and a bunch of safety systems (traction control, stability control, ABS etc) will kick in to rescue you.

• There are three driving modes - Eco, Sport and Rally - that allow for varying degrees of tail-happy sliding when the mood takes. And this is the first Can-Am to cater for mild off -road ventures, with a special Rally Edition getting bash plates, beefed-up suspension and reinforced wheels.

• The clever UFit system means footpegs, brake lever position and handlebars can be adjusted on the fly and without tools. Plus , the Ryker can be ridden by anyone over 21 with a full UK driving licence.

• The wide front track means the Ryker can't filter through traffic or steal those skinny parking spaces like regular motorcycles, but it's more user-friendly for the uninitiated and stupidly fun when the roads run out.