Burglars love warmer weather, so now's the time to set up an outdoor security camera tasked with catching criminals- or just cute fluffy animals - in the act

Nest Outdoor IQNest Outdoor IQ What's the story?

The standard Nest IQ is a nifty bit of face-recognising kit, but only works indoors. So guess what the IQ Outdoor does? This tamper-resistant HD device with a 4K sensor detects intruders using a 130' view, but you will need to subscribe to the Nest Aware service (from £41month) for intelligent face recognition and video storage .

Is it any good?

The IQ also has automatic tracking,black-and-white night vision , a triple mic array and speaker, plus Alexa and Google Assistant smarts. It's not cheap , but even with a Nest Aware subscription this flagship patio cam is £70 less than the Arlo Ultra. No need for a hub, but the IQ is not wireless: instead a 25ft USB-C lead Mgoes from camera to indoor adaptor. This requires drilling to keep the cable out of sight. The fiddly wall-mount cover is also a right pain to remove .. . but that's sort of the point.

Nest can shout about its 4K sensor and HDR capabilities, but what you see is a down-converted HD feed. Not that there's anything wrong with the crisp and clean image- plus there are added benefits when zooming in for close-ups. It also has one of the best smart home apps around.

Price £329/

•1920x1080 Full HD e 12x digital zoom

•130' view • Mains power

128x93x93mm, 568g

Stuff says★★★★☆

128x93x93mm, 568g