£32 I

Topped with renewable bamboo, the KK is so shiny you 're sure to catch your self - righteous expression before anyone else does, giving you a chance to disguise it as a sneeze and refrain from further eye contact. SPA-free, no paint, no plastic , an 100% leak -proof so no spillages either.

The rugged rider-Coloral Original Cycling Bottle

£35 I

Bike nut? Coloral's durable canteen is designed to slip into your frame cage, and definitely won't leave you oily around the mouth. Better yet, 10% of profits from each cork-bottomed bottle go to Re-Cycle, a two-wheeled charity that rescues bikes for use in rural Africa.

The Swiss snuggler-SlggStella

£18 /

The latest flask from Swiss makers Sigg is crafted from 30% recycled glass and ships all snuggly in a zip-up neoprene sleevewhich has the triple benefit of insulating the contents, protecting the shell from knocks and leaving exposed stubbies sweltering with envy.

The souper slpper-Hashy Bottle

£22 I

This one's inspired by vintage fragrance bottles - but why carry the Hashy by hand when you can go all Indiana Jones and use the leather strap and holster? Vacuum insulation means this stainless steel flask is suitable for hot and cold bevs , and it 's all contained by a proper grippy cap.

The double Dutcher-Dopper Insulated

€30 I

The Dapper is part of a Dutch social enterprise supporting clean water projects, fighting plastic waste and attempting to recycle everything in sight. Complete with an integrated cup, it's the perfect complement to your charcoal Birkenstocks. You can even customise the design.

The fruity filter-Bobble Plus

£13 I

Went zesty refreshment without the pips? Stick fruit in this SPA - free bottle from Bobble and its in-built filter will see that only the infusion makes it to your mouth, leaving the soggy lemon s to float below. There's also a carbon insert that filters the equivalent of 300 disposable bottles.

The bamboo beauty-BuWater

£24 I

At Bu's core is a sustainable bamboo filter that's been through the kiln: Bu 's traditional Japanese heating method opens up tiny pores in its structure, making it a master at removing impurities. Once the bamboo strip is spent, stuff it in the soil and it'll rot down and help feed your flowers.

The dever cleaner -Larq

$95 I

This cleve r container packs a UV -C light in the lid. With one touch it'll purify the aqua inside, killing off bad bacteria and cleaning the bottle to boot. It works off -grid with a rechargeable battery that's good for up to two months , and there's an Adventure Mode for intense purification.