Phil Collins has given up music and is making cars now?

Tragically, no. This Genesis is an upmarket offshoot of Hyundai. It 's already doing big numbers in the US and Asia, but is planning to hit the UK in a year or two- and a quirky compact electric vehicle for the city might be just the ticket to win us Brits over.

Wait, city cars- you mean those dinky budget boxes on wheels?

Sort of, yeah. Or at least they used to be. But now that EVs are taking over, and manufacturers don't have to make room for bulky petrol engines, they're getting a whole lot more exciting. Genesis reckons high-end luxury is what drivers want in 2019, and the Mint Concept was there to deliver at this year's Shanghai Motor Show.

So what 's so luxurious about it?

This is no crummy econobox: it's a two-seater with luggage for a long weekend. So basically a Grand Tourer you can park at Tesco. Inside, almost every surface is swathed in leather , with seats that swivel outwards and a steering wheel that recedes into the dashboard to make getting in and out a bit easier. It feels more like an exclusive clubhouse than a car cabin.

It's a city car, though , so it'll only be good for short journeys?

If you think 200 miles is short , you've got a stronger bladder than us. Genesis reckons it could sell the Mint with multiple battery sizes- and 250kW fast charging means you won 't be waiting more than 20 minutes for a complete top - up either.

Reckon it 'll eve r go on sale?

Maybe not in this rather radical guise, but it 'll certainly help to make a splash when the brand reaches our shores next year.