Assembling Nintendo’s cardboard VR kit is supposed to be half the fun – but once you’re there , you might not want to let the kids into your new virtual world

Nintendo’s gleefully inventive cardboard Labo sets have helped the Japanese giant return to its toy – making roots with sometimes brilliants results.

You can get Variety , Robot and Vehicle kits , complete with backpacks , steering wheels and fishing rods… but it’s the new VR sets that are the most exciting so far – for both the target market of kids , and the parents who’ll inevitably end up putting in a shift during the long process of assembling the Toy – Con peripherals.

You have a choice of either the £35 Starter Set (just the goggles and the Blaster accessory) or the £70 VR kit reviewed here, which includes multiple Toy-Con creativity on show.

No scissors or glue are required. So as long as you have a Switch console , a pair of Joy-Cons and a degree of patience, you’re good to go.

1.young parts run free

Open the latest Labo box and you’ll be greeted with a towering pile of multi-coloured cardboard sheets ,stickers, bags of elastic bands and plastic bolts , and a game cartridge. Pop it in and you’ll be taken to a menu screen with Make, Play and Discover

2.We clothe our eyes

Building the entire Toy-Con set is going to eat up a lot of your time. The VR Goggles, which you’ll take on first, have their own special lenses to create the virtual reality effect, and can take up on to an hour to assemble. At least mistakes are reversible.

3. Where did hour love go?

Build time increases as the kits get more intricate with the Blaster – definitely Labo VR’s showpiece- taking us three hours. If you’re planning on buying a set for the kids, it’s worth stretching the building out over a couple of weekends.

4.Blurred house in tour soul

The shortcomings of the Switch’s 720p resolution are rather obvious. Turn your head in any game and you’ll encounter some pretty nasty blur, while textures are generally devoid of any detail and the screen – door effect is very noticeable.

5.Ballad of queasy rider

Motion sickness continues to be an issue in VR right across the board, so if you’re letting youngsters have a go you should be mindful of it. We didn’t encounter too many stomach drops, though, and the games encourage you to take breaks.