1.Hidey Hole


Got a Gala?y 510? Miffed it looks like someone's used a hole punch on your wallpaper? Use this app to grab and optimise 'holey' images that make the camera vanish –at least until you open another app.

2.Flow by Moleskine


It 's not like iOS is lacking in sketching apps, but Flow 's worth a doodle if you fancy an endless canvas and reconfigurable tools. It'll also reconfigure your wallet , mind, due to the hefty annual lAP.

3.Fugue Machine

£9 .99/iOS

'Bach in a box ' might tie an odd sell for a music app, but Fugue Machine makes it a cinch to create audio bliss through overlapping loops . Originally released in 2015 , it now gets iPhone and AUv3 support .



Those big boxes of dusty old negatives won 't scan themselves. Fortunately , FilmLab makes the job easy: plonk your negatives on a lightbox, snap away, and precious pics are safeguarded forever .

5.Bin Day Alert

£1.99 I iOS, Apple Watch

Got a house full of cardboard, bottles and black bin bags? Insist it's not your fault , because you keep forgetting to put the bins out? Have this app ping you when it's time to take out the rubbish .

6.Cure Hunters

£free I Android , iOS

Although it 's not a game where you hunt terrified members of a once-popular goth band, this effort does have a lot of killing in it, as you unsportingly dispatch people and. animals infected by an alien virus.

7.Tick Tack:A Tale for Two

A Tale for Two

Multi player games usually have you trying to shoot everyone else in the face; Not here. lnstead, you and a chum crack puzzles in a mysterious clockwork world .

8.Yeah Bunny 2

8.Yeah Bunny 2

When you fancy platforming larks but are so tired l hungover you can barely lift a finger , try Yeah Bunny 2. Everything here is controlled by one digit , from stomping on enemies to ninja-style wall-jumps.

9.Push Pipe Paradise

£3.69 I Android • £3.99 I iOS

You get some time on a desert island, but then you have to fix the plumbing. Typical. It's Sokobon by way of that bloke who charged you 50 quid to fix a leaky tap, then. Well worth taking the plunge.