Professioal 3D modellers, video editors,illustrators and photographers don’t have a huge range od choice when it comes to portable PCs,especially if they wabt something as powerful as a desktop to take out on the road. Acer wants to change all that with its absurdly powerful ConceptD9.

Watch your tone

The star of this particular show is undoubtedly the 3840x2160 screen, mounted on a tilling Ezel Aero Hing accommodating various arrangements. You can lay it flat, bring it forward over the keyboard like an easel or push it back like a regular notebook display. Included is a Wacom EMR stylus allowing illustrators , animators and designers to do their thing with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, while the screen itself Pantone-walidated for accurate colour reproduction.

Power to burn

An eye – poppingly beautiful screen doesn’t mean a whole lot if the PC grinds to a halt every time you do something demanding, but that shouldn’t prove a problem here. While the ConceptD9 will come with a range of spec options, it is possible to kit out with a new 9th- gen Intel Core i9 processor, up to 32GB of DDR4 memory and an Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card, which will handle all but the most complicated 3D rendering tasks at a canter or let you work with 8K video files. You can also stuff in two 512GB SSDs for a terabyte of onboard storage.

Quietly brilliant

Clearly judging that creative pros like to beaver away in a calm environment, Acer has engineered the ConceptD 9 to run at below 40dB-which is around the same volume as the background hum of a fridge.

TENACIOUS Acer ConceptD 500

Prefer to do your creative business on a desktop? This beast has you covered with a choice of 9th –gen Intel Corei9 CPUs, powerful GPUs and up to 64GB of RAM. Plus a wireless charger up top.

Acer ConceptD CM7

Acer's first Pantone-approved 4K monitor, available in 27in and 32in variants, promises the kind of super - accurate colours that photographers demand.

Acer ConceptD OJO

This mixed! reality headset pumps VR and AR goodness directly into your eyeballs courtesy of a 4K display, and with inside-out tracking and buit-in audio there's no need for mass of cables.