Availae in 'mist grey', 'haute red' or 'slate blue', the latest a launch from Urbanears is an absolutely gorgeous piece of Swedish minim list design that's both eyecatching and understated. lt's one of those products guaranteed to pop up in music videos and swish interior design magazines, and chime in perfectly with the brand's other streaming speakers.

Although not bursting at the seams with fetures, the Ralis has an impressive 20-ho r battery life- and you can also siphon its juice to your phone via USB if your battery needs a boost. It has a lovely fabric carry handle and an IPX2 rating, which means the odd spot of rain won't harm but you don't want to be leaving it out overnight. Bluetooth 5.0 means you can pair two p ones simultaneously and add on via one via aux - in to share DJ duties.

But does it sound any good? The cube house two identical speakers, in a setup careful based on a recording technique called Bluemlein pairing- the effect of which is to create a wider, more spatial soundstage. This extra space was instantly soundstage. This extra space was instantly.applauded by Mike, who loved "the extra depth of sound on offer despite the speaker's limited size".

Mike was also hugely impressed by the bass, calling it "round, solid and extremely enjoyable, especially when you turn it up". He also noted that the Ralis sounds better at high volume compared to casual background listening.

"It really needs to be pushed to get the best sound from the speaker- but when you do, it sings. with both spark from the brightest pop and warmth playing softer tunes." At lower levels the impressive sense of clarity and scale droops somewhat, and the sound has a touch of reverb to it.

It's not a disaster, and streamed podcasts and radio are perfectly acceptable, but this really is a speaker that wants to be heard loud.