Sony's pocketable new mirrorless system camera is aimed at everyone from casual cat-snappers to dedicated vloggers

Despite the tiny size, there's space for both an OLEO viewfinder and an LCD touchscreen – which flips downwards to about 45°, or upwards 180' to face fully forward. But vloggers beware: if you like to mount an external mic on the hot shoe, this will block your view of the screen when it's flipped.

Battery life is OK. Sony claims you can capture around 125 minutes of video or 400 photos per charge in optimum conditions, but real-world use will yield closer to an hour of video recording.

The highlight of this camera is its speedy and accurate AF performance. Using phase-detect and contrast -detect systems in tandem, it offers an incredible 425-point focus area.

There's no in-body image stabilisation, which is a strange omission in a vlogger-focused camera. More serious is the dreadful rolling shutter that afflicts videos- weirdly wavy vertical lines that appear when panning. It's a shame, because otherwise the video performance is impressive.

Sensor:24.2MP APS-C

Displays:75cm tilting LCD touchscreen, 1cm OLEO EVF

Video:4K@ 30fps, 1080p@ 120fps

Connectivity:Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,NFC, microUSB, 35mm mic input

Dimensions:12Dx67x60mm, 403g